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At ChessDoctrine.com, our primary goal is to empower beginner and intermediate chess enthusiasts. We believe that every player, regardless of their level, deserves access to top-tier information to elevate their game. That’s why we provide complimentary, expert-curated content covering a broad spectrum of chess topics. From the intricacies of chess openings to the complexities of the middle game, from mastering endgame techniques to understanding essential chess terminology, we are committed to being your trusted guide in your chess journey. Your growth in the world of chess is our objective and mission.

Our content writers

Deniz Tasdelen

Deniz is a National Master with over 20 years of experience in chess. He has participated in many prestigious tournaments, and he has beaten many Grandmasters. In addition to his chess achievements, Deniz is also a talented writer and philosopher (Bachelor and Master degrees).

Deniz Deniz Tasdelen, National Master - ChessDoctrine's expert

Emre Sancakli

Emre started playing chess at six years old, and he quickly rose through the ranks of the chess world. He is now one of the top 5000 players in the world (2400+ elo on chess.com and lichess.org), and he has taught many chess enthusiasts from beginner to advanced levels. Emre is also a talented writer and course creator.

Emre Sancakli, Сhess Coach - ChessDoctrine's expert

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