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Deniz Deniz Tasdelen, National Master - ChessDoctrine's expert

When i was younger, I’ve participated in European (got in Top 20 once) and World Youth Chess Championships, World Junior Championships, took 3 times 3rd place in Turkish Youth Championships and represented the nation as a national player in international tournaments. All of the current top Turkish Grandmasters such as Nr.1 Turkish Player Mustafa Yilmaz, are my childhood friends and rivals. However, unlike them i have never pursued professional chess career. Even though my last over the board tournament was almost 10 years ago, with a FIDE ELO Performance of 2375 and my rating has stayed at 2102 since then, I had been quite active in online chess scene in the last few years. My comeback has started when the FIDE Fischer Random Chess World Championship took place in 2019 on chess.com, where i’ve beaten many Grandmasters and almost qualified to final stage, but got knocked out in the end by Vidit (2700+ FIDE). Perhaps my moment of fame was when i’ve outplayed both Hikaru Nakamura and Fabiano Caruana in back to back rounds in the FIDE Fischer Random World Championship last summer. You can find both of those games on my chess.com profile/game history: https://www.chess.com/member/visualdennis (3rd and 4th games from the very bottom of the page). Those games were live streamed by chess.com and by Hikaru Nakamura as well. My current work email is visualdevweb@gmail.com.





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